Water Week Tips

    Water Week Tips

    Green landscapingDay 1

    As you start your spring landscaping projects consider rain gardens to help filter pollutants. Learn more.

    Day 2Riparian area

    Regularly maintaining septic systems helps to prevent leaks. It is recommended to have them inspected every 3 years. Learn more.



    Pick up after your dogs.Day 3

    Protect your local water quality by picking up waste from your pet and properly disposing of it before it gets into your water. Learn more. 

    Wash your car at the carwash or on the lawn.Day 4

    Wash your car in your lawn or at the carwash so that the pollutants do not run into the road. Learn more.


    Protect stormdrainsDay 5

    Dispose of materials responsibly in the trash, green waste bins or hazardous waste disposal locations - never down the storm drains. 

    Yuba ReservoirDay 6

    Use fertilizers sparingly. Excess nutrients that are not used by the plants often runoff the land and enter our lakes and rivers. Nutrients reaching our lakes and streams can cause an unbalance in aquatic plants and algae growth leading to environmental and health concerns. Learn more.

    Pesticide applicationDay 7

    Pesticides can contaminate our surface and groundwater. Use pesticides sparingly, read the application instructions and check out these 10 tips to try going pesticide free