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The Utah Master Naturalist program would not be a success without the support of the instructors and the organizations for which they work. Even from the beginning, the Utah Master Naturalist program has been a collaborative process involving many people from several organizations and agencies around the state. Are you interested in being a Utah Master Naturalist Instructor? Just contact Mark.

Mark Larese-Casanova has been developing and teaching Utah Master Naturalist courses for Utah State University Extension since 2005.  Originally from the east coast, Mark has enjoyed exploring and teaching about Utah's amazingly diverse ecosystems. His favorite activities include tracking wildlife in winter, and exploring potholes in the desert. Mark is an Extension Assistant Professor at Utah State University.

Nell Larson has been involved in Utah Master Naturalist classes since 2011, and began teaching classes in 2013.  Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter, located in Park City, includes 1,200 acres of land that is a refuge for an abundance of wildlife amidst expanding development. As such, Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter provides a unique opportunity to view and learn about the relationship of human activity to watershed and mountain ecosystems, and also the conservation efforts undertaken to minimize impacts. Brittany is the Director of Conservation at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter and Nell is the Executive Director.


Christine Schmitz and Suzanne Zgraggen have been teaching Utah Master Naturalist classes since 2008.  Their goal at Utah's Hogle Zoo, located in the foothills of Salt Lake City is to increase understanding of, and responsibility for, local and global animal species and ecosystems — strengthening the bond between people and the planet we live on. Christine is the Director of Education, and Suzanne is the Academic and Community Programs Coordinator at the zoo. 
(Photo by Anna C. Brandgo Alves)

Kathy Donnell began teaching Utah Master Naturalist classes at Wasatch Mountain State Park in 2012. Nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains near Midway, Wasatch Mountain State Park is the perfect place to become immersed in the local watershed and mountain ecosystems. Kathy is the Park Naturalist at Wasatch Mountain State Park.
(Photo snippet of UDNR Wasatch Mountain State Park website)