Utah Master Naturalist classes are supported by educational materials that have been developed and written by both faculty and students at Utah State University.  Although the materials have been through several rounds of evaluation and revision, they are living documents that are continually updated to include the most current research, management, and issues.  Please click through the sub-pages on the left to see lists of the resources upon which the Utah Master Naturalist educational materials were based. 

Curriculum Books

Each of the three Utah Master Naturalist classes includes a Curriculum Book, essentially the text book, that contains all of the information that will be discussed either during classroom presentations or field trips.  There is a tremendous amount of information in each of the books, and we do our best to include as much as possible in each class.

You will receive a Curriculum book as part of the registration for each Utah Master Naturalist class.

Field Books

 The Utah Master Naturalist Field Books are meant to provide you with an annotated look at some of the common, rare, and invasive plants and wildlife of Utah’s major ecosystems. The books provide photographic examples of each species along with useful information on the species’ life history and ecology.  When used along side a detailed field guide, the field books will help you learn about plants and wildlife during our explorations. 

You will receive a set of plant and wildlife field books when you participate in each class.  To purchase any of the six field books outside of a class, please visit the USU Extension web store.

Supplemental Materials

During the development of the Utah Master Naturalist Program, a large amount of fact sheets, curricula, and newspaper articles were collected.  These materials are made available to each Utah Master Naturalist via a CD or through DropBox.  They are excellent materials for learning even more about Utah's amazing natural world.