4-H member prepping dinner

In this project, youth will develop life skills in food related topics including: cooking, baking, food preservation and nutrition. They will explore the science, nutrition and history of cooking on their journey to becoming a chef. They will:

  • Use USDA MyPlate to plan meals and make balanced food choices
  • Learn how to safely purchase, prepare, store and preserve food
  • Discover the health benefits of food
  • Experience cooking and eating their own meals




4-H member preparing food

State FCS Project Ambassadors

For 4-H Members in grades 9-12 as of Sept 1, 2021
Apply at 4-H Zsuite
Applications: June 15
Serve for the 2021-2022 4-
H year

FCS Ambassadors will help provide the leadership for the state FCS contest and provide statewide trainings in the FCS area monthly, plan and put on the 4-H Classic plus provide the statewide Healthy Habits TRY (teens reaching youth) training.

 How to Apply:

  • Youth will need to upload a 2 page 4-H resume and 1 page cover letter following the 4-H Portfolio guidelines.
  • It also requires a recommendation from your county 4-H staff
    • Explain your leadership experience
    • Why do you want to be a State FCS Project Ambassador?
    • What has been your involvement in the FCS project area in the past?
    • What do you hope to learn from this leadership role?

The resume should represent a cumulative summary of the 4-H members background, skills, and accomplishments. The 4-H member should summarize their 4-H experience by highlighting their project involvement, activities, awards/recognitions, leadership experiences, and community service. Each year, applicants will need to update their information, maintaining the most pertinent information over time. Content should be clearly identified as 4-H or non-4-H; style of resume and formatting are at the discretion of the applicant. Applicants should include contact information, county, school grade, and year in 4-H. Maximum 2 pages.

 If you love the FCS project areas of...

  • Foods (cooking, cake decorating, food preservation, nutrition, etc.)
  • Sewing (clothing, textiles, sewing construction, quilting, modeling, etc.)
  • Family Consumer Science (FCS Knowledge, consumer decision making, life skills development, family finance, interior design, etc.)
  • Needle Arts (crochet, knitting, needlework, etc.)
  • Or developing healthy habits

... Then this leadership opportunity is for you! You will develop leadership skills of planning and executing events, workshops, trainings and putting on the 4-H Classic while meeting new people from across the state.