family and consumer science

In Family and Consumer Science (FCS) projects, youth develop skills in areas of Childcare, Financial Literacy, Interior Design, and overall Consumer and Life skills to benefit their lives. These skills include:

  • Discovering how children learn and grow cognitively.
  • Creating a safe place for children with improved babysitting skills.
  • basic principles of personal money management.
  • Identify needs and wants related to spending and make informed consumer decisions.
  • Elements and principles of design to make a house a home.



4-H member preparing food

State FCS Project Ambassadors

For 4-H Members in grades 9-12 as of Sept 1, 2021
Apply at 4-H Zsuite
Applications: June 15
Serve for the 2021-2022 4-
H year

FCS Ambassadors will help provide the leadership for the state FCS contest and provide statewide trainings in the FCS area monthly, plan and put on the 4-H Classic plus provide the statewide Healthy Habits TRY (teens reaching youth) training.

 How to Apply:

  • Youth will need to upload a 2 page 4-H resume and 1 page cover letter following the 4-H Portfolio guidelines.
  • It also requires a recommendation from your county 4-H staff
    • Explain your leadership experience
    • Why do you want to be a State FCS Project Ambassador?
    • What has been your involvement in the FCS project area in the past?
    • What do you hope to learn from this leadership role?

The resume should represent a cumulative summary of the 4-H members background, skills, and accomplishments. The 4-H member should summarize their 4-H experience by highlighting their project involvement, activities, awards/recognitions, leadership experiences, and community service. Each year, applicants will need to update their information, maintaining the most pertinent information over time. Content should be clearly identified as 4-H or non-4-H; style of resume and formatting are at the discretion of the applicant. Applicants should include contact information, county, school grade, and year in 4-H. Maximum 2 pages.

 If you love the FCS project areas of...

  • Foods (cooking, cake decorating, food preservation, nutrition, etc.)
  • Sewing (clothing, textiles, sewing construction, quilting, modeling, etc.)
  • Family Consumer Science (FCS Knowledge, consumer decision making, life skills development, family finance, interior design, etc.)
  • Needle Arts (crochet, knitting, needlework, etc.)
  • Or developing healthy habits

... Then this leadership opportunity is for you! You will develop leadership skills of planning and executing events, workshops, trainings and putting on the 4-H Classic while meeting new people from across the state.