Club Charter

The 4-H Club is central to the 4-H program.  It is within clubs that youth engage and interact with advisors, mentors, and teachers as they develop knowledge and skills in their selected club project areas.  Each club is essentially "licensed" to carry the 4-H name and emblem through the club charter. Club charters are renewed annually and ensures the safety of youth members and the quality of the educational programming.

In order to carry the 4-H name and emblem, all 4-H clubs and groups must apply for and annually renew a 4-H charter. This ensures the safety of youth members and the quality of the educational programming.

State 4-H offices are expected to maintain documentation on the issuance of 4-H Charters to 4-H clubs within their respective states.

  1. It's an agreement by the club with USDA on the proper use of the 4-H Name and Emblem; and
  2. It's an agreement by the club with the land-grant institutions’ state or local 4-H extension office to follow and abide by all state and local 4-H policies, procedures, and other requirements.
A charted club consists of at least 5 youth, from 3 different families, that meets at least 6 times per year.  It is within this club environment where leadership, service, and learning take place. 

Clubs consist of a youth leadership structure that is either elected, appointed, or rotational depending upon the club needs.
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To start a club contact your local 4-H office for details.
4-H At Home consists of both families and individual youth who choose to pursue 4-H activities through means other than a club. 4-H At Home enrollment is considered "independent study", as such youth may participate in the various activities and events afforded to all 4-H youth members.  However, some restrictions may apply to contests; please check your project area expectations to ensure you may compete. 

Note: 4-H Policies prohibit 4-H families or independent members from inclusion under the 4-H General Exemption Number as a tax-exempt entity, and from raising funds for their specific family group or members.