Volunteer Resources

Volunteers play a vital role in the growth and development of youth in the 4-H program.  Serving as advocates, mentors, teachers, and friends; 4-H volunteers guide the positive development of 4-H youth.  4-H offers many roles and responsibilities to volunteers, take a moment and explore the various options available to you.  

Club leaders serve as a club or community club leader by organizing, enrolling, and leading youth involved in the 4-H program. Organizational leaders take the lead in making sure the youth have a positive experience coordinating with other volunteers.
Utah County 4-H works collaborative with volunteers to promote, guide, and support the development of 4-H in our county.  The Volunteer Leaders Council meets monthly to review events, report on committee activities, and ensure the overall programs success.

All volunteers registered with 4-H are welcome to attend the monthly meetings, serve on committees, and provide meaningful guidance to the growth of the program.

Information regarding monthly meetings, offered via Zoom and in-person, can be found in our monthly Newsletter.

Utah County 4-H welcomes volunteers with expertise in various areas to lead workshops or clinics, guide a SPIN club, and to serve as a helper, a chaperone, or a guide.

See the Utah 4-H website for a complete list of opportunities, training links, and important volunteer information.