Master Gardener

The Master Gardener program was begun in Seattle, Washington, in 1973. The purpose of the program is to train garden enthusiasts (through Master Gardener courses and hands-on experience). Then they are able to help Extension staff through community service, and can answer more questions than were possible by just the Extension staff. Once trained, the Master Gardeners return volunteer hours as a part of the class, and then receive a certificate. Master Gardener programs are run and administered at the county level, and coordinated at the state and national levels.

With the change of emphasis from rural programs to urban settings, there is a greater demand from homeowners for answers to horticultural questions. Thus, Master Gardeners provide an essential part of the Extension horticulture program. They volunteer their time to the Extension office by helping with phone calls, manning information booths at home and garden shows and fairs, helping maintain demonstration gardens, assisting at plant diagnostic clinics, and serving in other community programs.

A Master Gardener must complete 40 hours of classroom training, pass a comprehensive open-book, written exam, and volunteer 40 hours of service, before being certified as a Master Gardener. Master Gardeners are encouraged to continue their training and service after completion of the certificate through Master Gardener organizations and activities.

There are currently 120 Master Gardeners in the Tooele County Master Gardener Association. There are also 50 Master Gardener students presently enrolled in the 2009-2011 Master Gardener Class.  Master Gardeners are a vital part of the Tooele County horticulture programs. Their enthusiasm and willingness to serve are truly an asset to our community.



This section will feature continuing education opportunities.

Although Advanced Master Gardeners are encouraged to attend,

these classes are open to the general public. 

The Harvest is here! 

Time to harvest all those wonderful things you've been nurturing all summer.  Most people plan their gardens with the intention of preserving the harvest so they can enjoy it throughout the year.  Home canning is the most popular method of food preservation.  The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning is the most up-to-date information available, from fruits and vegetables to pickled foods and meats, complete with processing  times specifically for our Tooele County altitude.Home Canning Site Link