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Community Rebuilds, Moab UT: "Building a Sustainable Community"

Community Rebuilds aids income-qualifying families in building affordable and ENERGY-EFFICIENT STRAW BALE HOMES. They are a nonprofit that provides assistance during all stages of the build. Before breaking ground they act as a free consultant for interested families, by connecting them with low interest rate loans and supplying stamped architectural plans free of cost. During the build, Community Rebuilds manages the build process and budget, and they provide a labor force of unpaid volunteer interns. After construction is complete, they provide the families free consultation in home maintenance and repair.

Community Rebuilds has created an AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM by taking several steps to reduce the cost of construction:  They connect families with low interest rate loans; They recruit volunteer student interns to complete the bulk of the construction labor; They stick to a simple architectural plan for each build, thereby limiting architectural and engineering costs; and They use as many recycled and donated building materials as possible. With this structure, the organization reduces the cost of construction greatly. Community Rebuild homes cost $100,000, but would cost almost double without their services, particularly in a region where housing costs are high. And because the organization has chosen insulative straw bale as their main building material, they are able to significantly limit future heating and cooling costs, continuing the affordability of the homes long after they're built.

With this program, Community Rebuilds constructs affordable housing for the community and provides valuable EDUCATION AND SKILLS IN NATURAL BUILDING to every person involved: homeowners, interns, CR staff and volunteers. Interns spend 4 months working under licensed contractors and under the direction of our expert natural building instructors. They build a home from foundation to finish in four months. They are the only organization that offers this type of education free of cost.

In these ways, Community Rebuilds works to improve their Moab community and realizes their mission to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program.

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