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Call for Proposals for Presentations: National Energy Extension Summit

Land-grant universities are increasingly tasked with offering community education on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Although not a new subject for many Extension Services, energy education presents challenges for educators to develop research-based programming for a new, rapidly evolving subject matter. Energy education’s reemphasis is also creating new opportunities for interstate collaboration. The inaugural National Energy Extension Summit will bring together both long-term and novice energy educators within Extension to discuss these challenges and opportunities.

The Summit will provide a glimpse into how energy programming is being developed and delivered across the country for diverse audiences, including:

Families and consumers
Agricultural producers

Although current research related to renewable energy and efficiency will be discussed, the Summit will focus on educational programming and techniques related to energy efficiency, small-scale renewables (e.g. geothermal, solar, small wind), and community-scale projects (e.g. biomass, hydro, large wind).

For more details, visit the National Energy Extension Summit webpage.