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National Park Service Green Parks Plan

What is the Green Parks Plan? 

The Green Parks Plan (GPP) articulates an overarching vision that will make everything the National Park Service (NPS) does more sustainable by establishing environmental performance targets, empowering staff to be agents of change, collaborating with stakeholders, and engaging millions of visitors to support this effort during visits and while at home. We can all make a difference!

The plan focuses on the impact of park facilities on the environment and human welfare and encourages NPS employees to adopt sustainability in their daily activities. While many parks and programs have already made great strides to improve the sustainability of their operations, the GPP asks all offices, programs, and parks to commit to those goals and objectives where they can most meaningfully contribute.

Access the plan here.

Green Parks Plan Goals

There are nine major goals to the GPP. These goals focus on the impact of facilities on the environment and human welfare, and each goal is supported by performance objectives. 

The nine goals include:

1) Continuously Improve Environmental Performance: The NPS will meet and exceed the requirements of all
applicable environmental laws.

2) Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready: The NPS will reduce GHG emissions and adapt facilities at risk from climate change.

3) Be Energy Smart: The NPS will improve facility energy performance and increase reliance on renewable energy.

4) Be Water Wise: The NPS will improve facility water use efficiency.

5) Green Our Rides: The NPS will transform our fleet and adopt greener transportation methods.

6) Buy Green and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: The NPS will purchase environmentally friendly products and increase waste diversion and recycling.

7) Preserve Outdoor Values: The NPS will minimize the impact of facility operations on the external environment.

8) Adopt Best Practices: The NPS will adopt sustainable best practices in all facility operations.

9) Foster Sustainability Beyond Our Boundaries: The NPS will engage visitors about sustainability and invite their participation.

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