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40 Maps Explaining Food in America

Vox Media has recently released a webpage with 40 different maps highlighting food in America. These maps demonstrate where our food deserts lie, increased bottled water consumption, farm output compared to number of farmers and more.

The maps are introduced with the following paragraph: "The future of the nations will depend on the manner of how they feed themselves, wrote the French epicurean Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826. Almost 200 years later, how nations feed themselves has gotten a lot more complicated. That’s particularly true in the US, where food insecurity coexists with an obesity crisis, where fast food is everywhere and farmer’s markets are spreading, where foodies have never had more power and McDonald’s has never had more locations, and where the possibility of a barbecue-based civil war is always near. So here are 40 maps, charts, and graphs that show where our food comes from and how we eat it, with some drinking thrown in for good measure."

To see the maps, visit the webpage at