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USDA Opening New Regional Climate Hubs

What are USDA Regional Climate Hubs?

USDA’s regional hubs will deliver information to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to help them adapt to climate change and weather variability. The Hubs will build capacity within USDA to provide information and guidance on technologies and risk management practices at regional and local scales. An interactive map on the USDA Regional Climate Hub website helps users discover how climate change and weather variability will affect agriculture in their particular areas. This map can be found here.

The USDA has also created a fact sheet regarding the hub locations, leadership, program coordination, and specific activities each hub will provide. This fact sheet can be viewed here

Want to learn more about how you can prepare for increased weather risks and what you can do to help mitigate the impacts? Visit the USDA's Creating Modern Solutions for Environmental Challenges page, here.