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First Global Water Stress Rankings by Country Released

The first map of global water stress rankings by country was recently created by the World Resources Institute's (WRI) Aqueduct team. The WRI rankings track water risk across 181 countries and 100 river basins, with 37 countries facing "extremely high" levels of water stress and using more than 80 percent of their available water supply every year. The top five countries are the Western Sahara, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore and San Marino. According to WRI, there are a total of 19 countries with the highest water risk of 5, and 37 with a risk score between four and five (extremely high).

The WRI communicates about water scarcity, seeing water supply crises as one of the highest impact and most likely risks facing the planet. With the support of a diverse group of partners, the WRI built Aqueduct to help companies, investors, governments, and communities better understand where and how water risks are emerging around the world.

The USA ranked in the middle of the 5-point scale, with a score of 2.9 ("medium to high"). 

To see and use the interactive map, visit here.