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SLC Green e2 Business Program

SLC Green - e2 Programs for Businesses

What is the e2 Business Program?

Salt Lake City’s e2 Business program is dedicated to helping Salt Lake’s business community run in a more environmentally and economically sustainable manner. Nearing 100 members, the e2 Business program is an excellent way for like-minded businesses from all sectors to share ideas, make connections and receive advice from Salt Lake City’s staff experts.

Why is environmental and economic sustainability important?

By making changes in your everyday business practices, not only can you relieve some of the pressure your business puts on the environment, but your business can reduce operation costs and become more competitive.

How will e2 Business benefit my business?

e2 Business Program will help you locate areas in your operation to increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact. Target areas for efficiency improvement include energy usage, water usage and waste generation. All three of these are costly for any business and provide opportunities to realize significant savings very quickly. As an e2 Business member you will receive:

  • Assistance from Salt Lake City staff who will identify opportunities to reduce overall operating costs and address each of these impact areas.
  • Support from member businesses in your sector that have been successful in reducing their impact and have volunteered to assist new businesses in doing the same.
  • Networking opportunities during e2 Business events.
  • Periodic e2 Business newsletters to keep you up-to-date on events and opportunities
  • Discounted advertising in City Weekly, ReDirect Guide and Catalyst Magazine.
  • Who is eligible to become an e2 Business?

All Salt Lake City businesses are eligible to apply to the e2 Business program. Any business willing to make a good-faith effort to continually reduce its environmental impact will be accepted into the program.

How do I become an e2 Business?

Simply fill out the application and submit it by email or regular mail. The application can be found online here. Electronically submitted applications save paper and expedite the application process!

e2 Business Application

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Salt Lake City’s e2 Business program is entirely funded and managed by the city. Participation is free to any business located within Salt Lake City limits.

Do you provide financial assistance?

The Salt Lake City Revolving Loan Fund was created to stimulate business development and expansion, encourage private investment, promote economic development, and enhance neighborhood vitality in Salt Lake City by making low-interest loans available to businesses.

Not Convinced?

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