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Re-imagine the Campus at the U: Sustainability in Action

When looking at the University of Utah, a city within a city, there are many different aspects to consider: mobility, connectivity, diversity, livability. The aim of re-imagine the campus is to begin a dialogue between students, neighbors, faculty, staff, the administration, and any other party that is interested in the quality of life on our campus.

Re-imagine the campus looks at the University of Utah with the aim of taking advantage of the many opportunities to increase the liveliness of campus. Creating spaces where the feeling is more about comfort and diversity of use than spaces that are merely “classrooms,” “offices,” or “meeting rooms.”

The research and ideas in re-imagine the campus' sustainability in action studies are aimed at gaining an understanding of how the university could become a more vibrant place. Specifically they have identified topics of art, food, campus as a laboratory, housing, transportation, the 1300 E border between campus/community, and the notion of campus life——not just for students——but everyone who comes to the campus on a regular basis.

Through focusing their efforts on understanding the needs and wants of the “consumers” of our campus, they feel that they can increasingly take advantage of the many opportunities for strengthening the University of Utah community.