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    Salt Lake County Office Information

    Phone Numbers:

    Receptionist/General Inquiries (385) 468-4820
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

    Plant Diagnostic Desk (385) 468-4828
    Mon, Wed and Fri, 9am-noon

    Food Safety and Preservation (385) 468-4837
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

    Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    (385) 468-4823

    Salt Lake County Extension Office
    Salt Lake County Government Complex
    2001 South State Street, Suite S1-300
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
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    Faculty & Staff

    Andree Walker

      Andree' Walker Bravo

      Urban Extension Director

      385-468-4825 | andree.walker@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Organizational Management, Community Relations, Water Quality,  
      Environmental Education, Outreach, Fundraising

    Sharolyn Hanley

    Administrative Assistant

    385-468-4822 | sharolyn.hanley@usu.edu

    Sunny Bird


    385-468-4820 | sunny.bird@usu.edu

    Katie Marie Wagner

      Katie Wagner

      Horticulture Faculty

      385-468-4826 | katie.wagner@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Plants & Gardening, Insects & Pests, Landscaping, Organic Garden
      Practices, Pollinator Education, Soils

    JoDeane Condrat

    Master Gardener, Gardening Home

    385-468-4828 | mastergardener@usu.edu

    Tessa Groff

    Horticulture Staff Assistant

    385-468-4824 | tessa.groff@usu.edu

    Marilyn Albertson

      Marilyn Albertson

      Family & Consumer Science Faculty

      385-468-4836 | marilyn.albertson@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Financial Literacy and Stability, Housing and Homebuyer Education, Family  
      and Consumer Issues, 4-H Leadership

    Shauna Bagley

    Family & Consumer Science Staff Assistant

    385-468-4835 | shauna.bagley@usu.edu

    Kirstin Kvam

    Finance Program Coordinator

    385-468-4816 | kirstin.kvam@usu.edu

    K.J. Lamplugh

    Finance Program Assistant

    385-468-4816 | kirsten.lamplugh@usu.edu

    McKenzie Cooley

    Finance Program Assistant

    385-468-4816 | mcKenzie.cooley@usu.edu

    Stacy Abbott

    Family & Consumer Science Assistant - Homebuyer Education

    801-477-7391 | hbeonline@usu.edu

    Anne-Celeste Openshaw

    Family Life Educator


    Heather Johnson

    Family Life Educator

    801-707-3272 | heather.johnson@usu.edu

    Melanie Jewkes

      Melanie Jewkes

      Family & Consumer Science Faculty

      385-468-4838 | melanie.jewkes@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:   Regional Food $ense Nutrition Program (SNAP-Ed), Food Preservation,    
      Family and Relationship Well-Being, Finance: Marriage and Money Issues

    Shauna Bagley

    Family & Consumer Science Staff Assistant

    385-468-4835 | shauna.bagley@usu.edu

    Ann Woodbury

    Home Economist Helpline

    385-468-4837 | ann.woodbury@usu.edu

    Heather Hegland

    Family Life Education Assistant


    Amanda Ford

    Family Life Education Assistant


    CJ Sadiq

    Family Life Education Assistant


    Katie Kapp

    Youth Can Cook

    435-385-4834 | katie.kapp@usu.edu

    Penny Ramey, Laura Streeter, Heather Shober, Kaitlin Waters, Allison Cowdell, Jasmine Lundberg, Jena Peers, Lindsay Hirst 

    Food $ense Nutrition Education Assistants


    Vernon Parent

      Vernon Parent

      4-H Youth Programs Faculty

      385-468-4832 | vernon.parent@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Youth Leadership Training (teamwork, communication, leadership skills),
      STEM Education, Agriculture/Urban Interface Problems, Youth Career Opportunities

    Cathy Hashimoto

      Cathy Hashimoto

      4-H Youth Programs Educator

      385-468-4833 | cathy.hashimoto@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  4-H and Youth Programs, Youth Leadership and Skill Development, After
      School Programming

    Mark Mathis

    STEM Program Educator

    385-468-4817 | mark.mathis@usu.edu

    Paula Ericson

    4-H Staff Assistant

    385-468-4830 | paula.ericson@usu.edu