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John Marcy

PI (U-Arkansas)
Location:  University Arkasas
Office Phone:  479-575-2211

John Marcy is a food microbiologist with more than 31 years associated with the meat and poultry industries. John received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Food Technology from Iowa State University and his B.S. in Food Technology and Science from The University of Tennessee. He has worked for Stokely-Van Camp, Swift and Co., Jerome Foods (The Turkey Store), and Denny’s Restaurants. Dr. Marcy's research interests are poultry processing, meat microbiology and food safety and does educational programming with HACCP, sanitation, and microbiology for meat and poultry processing personnel as well as food safety and sanitation for the foodservice industry. He has conducted HACCP workshops for meat and poultry processors in several U.S. locations as well as Argentina, New Zealand and Costa Rica. He has provided
testimony about HACCP twice in U.S. Senate subcommittee hearings on behalf of the Institute of Food Technologists. In 2002 & 2003, Dr. Marcy served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on review of the use of scientific criteria and performance standards for safe food that published their report entitled Scientific Criteria to Ensure Safe Food.