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    Smart Dating

    Dating cam be a fun adventure as you learn more about people and make decisions that will influence your future. It can also be a potentially risky time with anxiety and worry. These research-based resources may be helpful for people thinking about dating, currently dating, and those wondering if they are ready for a more serious commitment.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    How to Have Difficult Conversations

    08/25/2020 09:10 AM

    Difficult conversations about things like money, relationships, or other emotionally-charged topics can be hard to navigate. These situations can come up in our relationships with friends, with family members, and with co-workers. Knowing how to communicate during these times can help you avoid saying something you might regret or wishing you had said it differently.

    What are the love languages of individuals?

    08/11/2020 08:25 AM

    This is a great question to ask. Before jumping into the response for this question, take note that author Gary Chapman’s book, the 5 Love Languages, according to recent research, has been understudied. The knowledge may still be very valuable for couples and may help them increase understanding on how to effectively express appreciation, love, and deepen your connection with each other.


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