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    Utah Projects

    Utah Shrubland Management Project is a collaboration between private landowners and state, federal, and university experts. Our are to create an ecological site-based shrubland management handbook and to establish demonstration sites to evaluate brush management and range planting technology.

    Environmentalists Fight Science with Science - recently presented at the 2012 Utah Society for Range Management Meeting this slide show discusses misuse of scientific papers use by environmental activists to demonize livestock grazing on public land. This page also lists a number of scientific publications used by local environmental groups. A short summary follows each citation.

    Rangeland Resources of Utah - This 2009 publication provides an overview of the complex issues occurring on Utah Rangelands. It provides important information and data about rangelands available in one resource.


    Projects by County

    There are a number of on-going and past projects on rangeland in Utah. Studies are organized by county.  Some studies conducted by Utah State University are in neighboring states. Simply click on the counties of interest to find out what's going on in those counties.