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    Aspen Annotated Bibliography

    What's an annotated bibliography - An annotated bibliography is a list of publications about a particular topic and a summary of each publication listed. The annotated bibliography presented here focuses on aspen and how herbivory is affecting its ability to regenerate. Understanding how herbivory affects aspen regeneration is complicated. It requires not only an understanding of herbivory itself, but the secondary chemistry of aspen, how predation interacts with regeneration and elk nutritional needs and home range size. We focus on elk here because the presence of livestock grazing can be controlled in aspen stands, but wildlife (primarily elk and deer) is much more difficult to control.

    Aspen Herbivory

    • Elk
    • Big Game and Cattle
    • Cattle
    • Beaver
    • Pocket Gophers
    • Regeneration After Fire: Effect of Herbivory
    • Fallen Trees Protect Regenerating Aspen from Herbivory

    Aspen Regeneration

    • General
    • Aspen Fails to Regeneration after Wolf Reintroduction
    • Aspen Stands Regenerate after Wolf Reintroduction
    • Regeneration After Fire: Effect of Herbivory

    Aspen Secondary Chemistry

    • Phenolic Glycosides and Tannins
    • Aspen Defense - Induction
    • Genetics and Defense
    • Aspen Toxicology
    • Aspen-Insect Interactions
    • Methodology Preserving Leaves

    Elk Nutrition and Home Ranges

    • Nutritional Value of Aspen
    • Elk Diets
    • Burned and Unburned
    • Competition
    • Grazing Systems and Elk
    • Elk Home Ranges