The Weed Web (USU Extension) I'm really not sure how old this site is. I'm fairly certain it is not maintained, but there's still a lot of good information on the site.

Utah Noxious Weed Field Guide (USU Extension)

Weed Control on Small Acreage (USU Extension)

Noxious Weeds of Utah - Download or View - this powerpoint was created to run continuously. It overviews weeds from the Utah Noxious Weed Site at various stages of growth.

Grazing Weeds

Training Cows to Eat Weeds

Livestock for Landscapes

Nutrition Value and Toxins in Weeds

Goat Producers Providing Prescribed Grazing Services

  • Jason Garn, D'Goat Ranch, 801-440-2149,18290 N 4400 W, Fielding, UT 84311, jasondgarn@hotmail.com
  • Justin W. Dursteler, J.W.D Livestock. 3684 W. 4000 So. West Haven UT, 84401, 801-781-0626, jdursteler@msn.com

I will publish additional information as I find it or get it written up.