Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


       Are the winters where I live too cold to grow fruit trees?

       Is my growing season long enough to grow fruit to maturity?

       Will mid-summer heat be a problem for growing fruit in Utah?

       Where can I go to find out information on my counties climate?

       What is an inversion and how will it affect my fruit trees?

       How will slope affect my fruit trees?


        Can I grow fruit trees in clay soil? 

        I'd like to plant some fruit trees in my backyard, how should I prepare the soil?

        Can I grow vine crops in saline soil?


        Is grafting necessary or can I just plant seeds from my Grandma's apple tree?


        I don't have much room and would like to get  a dwarf fruit tree. Which rootstock provides the most dwarfing?  


        I ordered fruit trees bare-root and they should be here this week, how should I plant them?

        How should I plant my potted fruit tree?


        I have a 20X20 foot area, what fruit tree can I plant?


          How much Nitrogen should I fertilize with?

            How do I avoid the major nutrient deficiencies for Utah such as Iron Chlorosis?


          I just planted  a peach tree, how often should I water?

          How much water does a mature fruit tree need?

      Flowering and Fruit Set

          I keep hearing about 'fruit set' when exactly does this happen?

          I wanted to purchase a Jonagold apple tree and the nursery told me I needed to buy a different tree as well to pollinate my Jonagold, why?

          My neighbor recommended I thin my fruit trees to get larger fruit in the fall, how should I thin and when?

          It is supposed to freeze tonight and my apricot tree is just starting to bloom. What can I do to protect it from freezing?

     Training and Pruning

          What is the best method of training my fruit tree?

          Are there some general guidelines for pruning my fruit trees?

          I have Fire Blight in my apple tree and want to prune it out, any suggestions?

          When is the best time to prune? 

           I just moved into a new home and there is a very neglected apple tree in the backyard. How should I prune it?

     Common Pests and Diseases

          Where can I go to get detailed information on pests on my fruit trees?

     Fruit Maturity and Storage

          How can I tell when my fruit is ready to harvest?