Key Statistics

    Key Statistics

    County Offices

    Gardens and Centers

    Total Face-to-Face Contacts

    *Indicates the number of face-to-face contacts USU Extension has had with Utahns in the last year.



    County-based 85+
    Campus-based 45+


    Utah 4-H

    Youth Participants 64,238
    Adult Volunteers 5,357
    Teen Volunteers 1,539


    Food $ense

      Before Food $ense After Food $ense
    Enough money to last to the end of the month 65% 85%
    Shop with a list 62% 82%
    Eat meals as a family 68% 85%
    Increased physical activity 48% 78%


    Small Business Development Centers

    USU Extension Hosted Centers 5
    Total Utah State University Hosted Centers 7
    Total Centers in Utah 15


    Weather Stations

    Total 100+
    Automated 30+
    **Operated in partnership with the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and the Utah Climate Center.



    NOTE: Information based on 2016 data.

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