Canning Gauges - Important Annoucement 

Illustration of a pressure gauge used for canning.

We have learned from Presto that older model pressure gauges and even Master Pressure gauges have a minor defect that cause them to read high after they are exposed to high heat.

This high reading gives a false sense of accuracy and the actual pressure may be somewhat lower.

The recommended “fix” is first to obtain a new Master Pressure Gauge for any Presto air-pump style tester unit. They will replace them free of charge.

When you test consumer’s gauges Presto will replace, free of charge, any gauge for their canners less than 5 years old. Consumers will be asked for the date code on the canner to verify the manufacture date.

If you have the air-pump tester with a new Master Gauge you may find that more than normal number of consumer’s gauges will test “off” due to the new accuracy of the master gauge.

In other news—Dr. Elizabeth Andress of the National Center for Home Food Preservation and editor of the USDA Complete Guide to Canning has informed us that the newest version of the Guide (due out soon) will recommend that replacement of a gauge be made only after a 2 pound error. The previous recommendation was 1 pound.


Brian Nummer

Brian Nummer

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