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Upcoming March Webinars

Cold-Hardy Berry Varieties Suited for the Mountain West
While we all know blueberries are the darlings of the berry world, they can struggle to live in northern climates with alkaline soils. Instead of torturing blueberry bushes through a few short years of life, consider finding the right berry for the right place, and choose a plant that can thrive in your climate conditions.
• Patrick Mangan, Thursday, March 18, 12 PM MST (Click Here to Register)
Invasive Diseases of Landscape Trees
Mair Murray will discuss identification and management of some invasive tree diseases that occur in our state, and will also include descriptions of tree diseases we should watch for. These include bleeding canker, bacterial scorch, pine wilt, and others.   
• Mair Murray, Tuesday, Tuesday, March 9, 12 PM MST (Click Here to Register)