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Asian Giant Hornets (Vespa mandarinia)

Upcoming December Webinars

Integrated Pest Management for Weeds ("Cultivating Healthy Plants" Webinar Series)
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for weeds involves many varied strategies. The pros and cons of different weed management methods will be discussed, including prevention strategies, cultural or sanitation practices, biological controls, mechanical or physical controls, and chemical controls.
• Melody Hefner, Thursday, December 10, 12 PM MST (Click Here to Register)

Asian Giant Hornet and Common Lookalike Species ("Invasive Species" Webinar Series)
Join us for an informative webinar about the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), an invasive species that was recently detected in British Columbia and northwestern Washington. The presentation will cover their identification, biology, and control, and highlight other large wasps in Utah that are easily mistaken for the Asian giant hornet.     
• Dr. Joe Wilson, Tuesday, Decemer 8, 12 PM MST (Click Here to Register)