April 13, 2023

2023 Virtual Vegetable Twilight Meetings

Utah has lost 16,792 acres of farmland between 2012 and 2017 (USDA 2012;USDA 2017). However, the total farm operations have increased, where 34% of these farms are between 1 and 9 acres and 44% of these farmers have less than 5 years of experience (Kurtz, J.E. et al. 2020; USDA 2017).

The USU Extension IPM program responds to this stakeholder need and interest by providing outreach and education. Specifically using IPM to manage insect and disease pests on their farms and home landscapes. Our past survey results showed our programming gives participants the skills they need  to identify, monitor, and manage pest problems. The potential long-term outcomes of these IPM practices  include a reduction of toxic pesticide use, reduced human and environmental exposure to pesticides, and reduced yield losses for commercial producers and home gardeners.

Zoom will be the primary platform used for these meetings. Additionally, they will be shared to the USU Extension-Utah Pests Facebook and Instagram to reach a further audience. Recordings will be uploaded and archived and uploaded to the USU Extension YouTube channel.