Utah Pests

Educational Videos


The videos shown below were created by USU Extension specialists to highlight identification and management of common insects and diseases found in Utah.



Cucurbit Powdery Mildews


Blossom End Rot

Flea Beetles

Squash Bugs

Early Blight


Cantaloupe Wilts

Onion Sampling for Thrips

Thrips and Viruses in Onions


Fire Blight

Raspberry Horntail

Woolly Apple Aphid

Using Beating Trays

Codling Moth Traps


Assembling Beating Trays

 Blister Mites

Woolly Apple Aphid Management

 Peach Twig Borer

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Greater Peachtree Borer

Assembling Orange Delta Traps


Ornamentals and Turf

 Powdery Mildew

Reduce Deer Damage



Herbicide Damage

Billbug Management


Forage and Field

Alfalfa Sweep Net Sampling

Hemp Pests

Pocket Gophers

Alfalfa Pest Control

Spider Mites on Corn

Ground Squirrels

Water Stress + Pest Outbreaks

Hemp Diseases

Piute Ground Squirrels

Vole Control

Deer/Elk Damage in Corn


Structural & Nuisance

Preserving Jack-O-Lanterns

Boxelder Bug Management

Bed Bug Identification

Paper Wasp Management

Bed Bugs While Traveling

General Integrated Pest Management

Fall Garden Clean-Up

Trap Crops

Scouting for Pests

Greenhouse Sanitation

Row Covers

Beneficial Insects

Why Blue Orchard Bees?

Providing Blue Orchard Bees Nesting Materials

Washing Blue Orchard Bee Cocoons

Blue Orchard Bees Nesting Boxes

Common Blue Orchard Bees Nesting Materials

Removing Blue Orchard Bee Nesting Materials