Pesticide Applicator Licensing

    Certification Courses and Exam

     Important - Read First

    Beginning November 2017, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) changed the pesticide applicator licensing requirements. Applicators are now required to complete study materials before taking the required exams.

    To help applicators with this change, we have created online courses that fulfill UDAF’s requirements. We have created 16 courses that combine the Core (or General) material with each of the 16 pesticide categories. Applicators have to enroll in ONE of the Core + “category” courses and pass the 2 exams in order to complete UDAF’s educational requirements for a license. You will only need to enroll in ONE of these courses.

    If an applicator needs to add additional categories to the license, he/she DOES NOT need to enroll in more than one Core + “category” course. Additional Category Courses have been created so that you can add categories to your license without having to take the Core Material and exam more than one time. Only take the Additional Category Courses after you have passed the core exam in one of the Core + “category” Courses.

    Follow the steps below to find the courses you need to complete UDAF’s new educational requirements.

    Step 1: Take Course

    Select the license type from the list of options below.

    Helpful Information:

    • Click to learn more about Which LIcense Type Do I Need?
    • You will need your own, personal email to register. We cannot accept one business email for multiple registrants.

    Step 2: Complete Exam at a Testing Center

    All of the courses have exams that are required by UDAF. You cannot take these exams at home. You need to make an appointment with a UDAF-approved test center. All exams (including one for the proctor) are locked, and only the proctors at the testing centers have the access code.
    Choose an approved testing center location at the link below. Most testing centers charge a proctoring fee which is payable at the testing location.

    Testing Centers

    Step 3: Pay for License

    Once you have completed the courses and exams, you are not yet licensed. You need to pay UDAF for your license.

    License Payment Portal