OU Campus Upgrades

Follow the migration

Sites are being migrate from the USU Extension template into a central USU template. The tutorials below are helpful, but apply primarily to the old template. Follow site migration process here.

New User Permissions Steps

To receive access to OU Campus you must do the following:

Full-Length Training

Web Overview (March. 26, 2020)

Beginner Training (Dec. 14, 2017)

OU Campus Micro Training

With the instructions below, you will be able to tackle most tasks on your website! At times, a single task may take a combination of understanding from the different instructions below; don't be afraid to try things! You can always revert to a previous version if needs be, or contact the webmaster for assistance.

HTML and Bootstrap

Most of what you may need to through the standard WYSIWYG editor, outlined in the tutorials above. However, if you really want to dive in and get creative, you can try your hand at HTML. Knowing HTML is likely not in your job requirements, but it can take your site to the next level.

A great starting point is utilizing bootstrap in your HTML. Bootstrap is a toolkit which is ready-to-go in OU Campus for Extension; it allows for responsive web design and so much more. A great starting point to use bootstrap is through the online W3 Schools resources on Bootstrap.
Learn More About Bootstrap

Not Seeing What You Need?

New content will be added to this site only as you request it. Let us know what you need to know!