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    Morgan County 4-H

    Nicole Reed 2019   Nicole Reed

         4-H Program Coordinator    

         Office Number: 801-829-3472




    Nicole Reed grew up in Idaho where she was involved in the 4-H Program for 12 years. She participated at the county, district, state, and national levels. Nicole first started as a 4-H Program Coordinator in Lincoln County, Idaho, shortly after graduating from Idaho State University with a bachelors in Political Science. While working as a coordinator she started to work on her Master’s degree with the University of Idaho. After 2 semesters of attending the U of I Outreach Center on the College of Southern Idaho Campus, Nicole moved to Moscow to finish her Masters and worked in the State 4-H Office. Nicole graduated in December 2014 with a Master’s in Agriculture Education with an emphasis in 4-H Youth Development. After graduation, Nicole was hired as the 4-H Program Coordinator in Morgan County. Nicole loves the 4-H program and what it can do for our youth. 

     Happy 4-H New Year!

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    What is 4-H?

    4-H is for boys and girls, grades K-12.  The program emphasizes "learning by doing" for the growth and 4hdevelopment of youth.  4-H is the nation's largest Positive Youth Development Program. Through our unique partnership with USU Extension we are able to provide opportunities for youth throughout Utah! 4-H offers a wide variety of programs, after school, projects, contests, camps and events from livestock to sewing, and leadership to robotics!

    4-H is run through volunteer-led clubs.  4-H clubs are a safe place to explore new interests, learn through trial and error and make new friends --all while having the support of a caring mentor.