4-H Youth Programs


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    4-H Youth Programs

    Shooting Sports

    Call the MIllard county Utah State University Extension office to find out how to sign up for 4-H Shooting sports. 435-864-1480 or 435-743-5412

    Quilt Camps & Sewing Camps

    Watch for information and for the dates on these.  We have great leaders who will teach sewing and quilting skills to 4-H'ers and help them make fun projects.  These camps will be held in Fillmore and Delta in the summer. 


    Virtual Showmanship

    We are going to host a Millard County Pre-Show Virtual Show

    Here is what you do:

    Have someone video you practicing showmanship but like it is the real deal.

    Beef, Sheep, Goats and Dairy:

    Walk into the ring set up with a rear view, Walk your animal in a circle (Like going around the ring and set back up on a profile. Sheep & Goats have the Judge (Camera Holder) Stand in the corner of the ring so as you walk by you can work on moving around your animal in front of the judge. There will be example videos on the Facebook page.


    Enter the ring and walk to the judge keep correct distance from the judge (Camera Holder) Show all sides of your hog to the camera. Have the Camera Holder move to different parts of the ring. There will be example videos on the Facebook page.

    Submit your videos to Shelly Finlinson 435-340-9035 By May 8th.


    Shelly Finlinson

    USU 4-H Extension

    Millard County

    Livestock Coordinator



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