Marketing & Communications Staff

    Marketing & Communications Staff

    Mike Whitesides

    Director of Marketing

    Dennis Hinkamp

    Media Specialist

    Lynnette Harris

    CAAS & UAES Editor & Writer

    Julene Reese

    Extension Public Relations Specialist

    Olivia Yeip

    Lead Graphic Designer

    Kirk Salisbury

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Sheri Andersen

    CAAS & UAES Marketing Manager

    Michael Wernert

    Graphic Designer

    Cynthia Lyman

    Wasatch Front Marketing Manager

    Charles Delaney

    CAAS & UAES Information Technology

    Terry Boharsik

    Extension Information Technology

    Aubree Thomas

    Extension Marketing Manager

    Bronson Teichert

    Multimedia Marketing Manager

    Mariah Pace

    Marketing and Communications Assistant

    Donna Falkenborg

    Extension Editor

    Marta Nielsen

    Wasatch Front Marketing Assistant and Blogger

    Kaylisha Gunnell

    Extension Marketing & Communications Assistant

    MaKay Jensen

    CAAS Digital Marketing Assistant

    Colton Blair