Juab County, located in the central part of Utah, has an agricultural base of mainly small grains, alfalfa hay, cattle, and sheep. This base includes:  

  • 5,700 acres of wheat, annual production of 262,000 bushels:
  • 2,000 acres of barley, annual production of 172,000 bushels;
  • 15,200 acres of alfalfa hay, annual production of 54,500 ton;
  • 12,000 head of cattle and 4,500 head of sheep.

Major processing and Ag related firms include a hay cubing operation, livestock processing plant, turf farm, and herb farm. Located in the county are 203 farms, with an average size of 1,639 acres, total land in farms is 332,686 acres, total cropland is 71,294 acres, harvested cropland 25,270 acres, and farmland in irrigation is 20,097 acres.

Potential Agriculture opportunities include: increased land under irrigation of 21,236 acres upon completion of the CUP project, flour mill, increased number of dairy operations and cattle feedlots. Because of the potential of more acres under full irrigation, quality and quantity of feed produced, location of highway and rail systems, amount of acres available for development of agricultural related industries, there are some excellent agricultural opportunities in Juab County. The USU Extension office in Juab County offers a wide range of materials and resources related to livestock, crops, soils, agriculture profitability, weed control, farm and ranch management, range, home horticulture, gardening, insects and water management.

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