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    Iron County 4-H offers activities open to the public. To learn more about what is available, read our recent newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Our email newsletter goes out weekly, and can be subscribed to by clicking here, or on the button below.

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    Contact: Mike Isom


    Phone: (435) 429-1098

    4-H Important Information

    • All 4-H activities require registration before youth can attend.
    • 4-H members are 8 years old as of September 1, of 2019.
    • 4-H Cloverbud members are 5 years old as of September 1, 2019, and can attend select activities accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • For the safety of your children please do not leave them at our office without checking them in with an adult in charge of the activity; after the activity make sure to check them out with the adult in charge of the activity.


    Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are happy to help!


    Phone: (435) 429-1098

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for current updates and information. 

      Club Charters are due now!

    Utah State University is expected to maintain documentation on the issuance of 4-H Charters to 4-H clubs within the the State of Utah. So what makes a club a charter club? Charter 4-H clubs are...

    1. Made up of youth from at least three families.

    2. Agree to follow 4-H and Utah State University policies and procedures, including the policy on 4-H Club accounts and funds.

    3. Agree to follow national and state 4-H guidelines for the use of the 4-H name and emblem.

    4. Have club officers.

    5. Plan to conduct a minimum of six regular club meetings per year.

    6. Have at least five youth members.

    7. All Adult leaders have been screened and approved through the Utah 4-H Volunteer Selection Process.

    Charter Form