Rocky Mountain West

Western Rural Development Center (WRDC)
The Western Rural Development Center, housed at Utah State University, works cooperatively in rural development research and outreach projects with universities in the West. The website has several useful online tourism handbooks and research reports including "Community Tourism Assessment Handbook," "Tourism: The Economic Impact of Visitors to Your Community," and "Tourism: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Local Tourism Development," and The Western By Design Resource Toolkit is an assessment and planning tool for small communities.

Mountain West News
This website, sponsored by the Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana, presents current community, environmental, political, and economic news from around the region by linking to articles in a variety of newspapers and magazines.

High Country News
High Country News is a bi-weekly newspaper that reports on the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities. Covering ten western states, from the Great Plains to the Northwest, High Country News is a respected source for environmental news, analysis and commentary on water, logging, wildlife, grazing, outdoor recreation and tourism, wilderness, growth and other issues changing the face of the West.

Pacific Southwest Research Station Wildland Recreation and Urban Cultures (USDAFS)
Provides natural resource agencies with information about changing recreation patterns, including those derived from ethnicity and technological changes. Provides research to identify values, attitudes and behaviors related to natural resources, as well as barriers and conflict, in recreation participation and decision-making, and decision-makers. Provides agencies with a better understanding of communication related to recreation and natural resource use and helps them understand the social and recreation issues related to fire in the urban-wildland interface.