Community Development

Sonoran Institute
The Sonoran Institute brings diverse people together to achieve their conservation goals in Western North America, from Mexico to Canada. As a nonprofit organization, the Sonoran Institute has helped communities learn the tools to conserve and restore more than 200,000 acres of public and private lands, leveraged more than $42 million for open-space protection, and established more than a dozen diverse organizations dedicated to local conservation efforts. The Sonoran Institute's collaborative "begin with the end in mind" approach brings a wide variety of viewpoints to the discussion of conservation. Public and private land managers, environmental advocates, ranchers, builders and developers, local officials, community groups, and other interested people have learned that informed, strategic cooperation can produce the best results with the highest probability for long-term success.

Resources For The Future (RFF)
Founded in 1952, RFF is a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank located in Washington, DC that conducts independent research and policy analysis, rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences, on environmental and natural resource issues with an emphasis on sustainable development and use.

Community Swap
The Community Swap process is organized by University of Illinois Extension Educators and Unit Leaders, who help community members address topics such as downtown revitalization, community development, leadership and volunteer development, tourism development, small business management, and economic development.

Smart Growth
This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website provides public resources to help create communities that promote the sustainability of America's environment, economy, and quality of life.

Partnerships Online
Based in the United Kingdom, Partnerships Online provides information on how to use the internet to build networks and benefit communities.

Envision Utah
In January 1997, Envision Utah was formed to help guide the development of a broadly and publicly supported Quality Growth Strategy - a vision to protect Utah's environment, economic strength, and quality of life. Envision Utah is a unique partnership of citizens, business leaders and policy-makers, working together to create a strategy that will preserve critical lands, promote water conservation and clean air, improve our region-wide transportation system, and provide housing options for all residents.