These online modules will help you address intergenerational poverty (IGP) in your counties. We have developed these modules in close cooperation with the Department of Workforce Services. Modules 1 and 2 can be completed on your own. Modules 3 and 4, however are designed to be completed with the entire team present and working collaboratively. Each module will take approximately one hour to complete. For the modules to work correctly, Adobe Flash player needs to be installed on your computer.

Module 1 – Understanding Intergenerational Poverty in Utah

This module introduces intergenerational poverty in the state of Utah, the efforts of the Intergenerational Welfare Reform Commission, and how community leaders can provide support to those experiencing intergenerational poverty.

Module 1

Module 2 - Getting Started

This module covers topics related to establishing county-level task forces. It discusses selecting facilitators, identifying co-Chairs, and finding the right participants for your IGP Team. It lays the foundation for an effective initiative.

Module 2 

Module 3 - Moving Forward

This module focuses on the operations of an effective county-level team. The topics covered include needs assessment, record keeping, effective facilitation, and outreach to the broader community.

Module 3

Module 4 - Making a Logical Plan

This module provides basic training in the Logic Model, which is a widely used program and planning framework. The Logic Model is very flexible and can accommodate the unique characteristics of different counties and their goals. Using this approach will unify your IGP Team internally and help communicate your strategy to others.

Module 4 

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