Office of Health Equity and
Community Engagement

Utah State University has the Land Grant mission of serving all corners of our state with evidence-based information, support and collaboration. The Office of Health Equity and Community Engagement serves as a hub for our health volunteers, tribal and rural health initiatives, including stigma and harm reduction surrounding opioid use disorder.

2022 Intertribal Opioid Wellness Summit, June 22 through 24, 2022, in Vernal, Utah. Hosted by Utah State University's Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative.
2022 Intertribal Opioid Wellness Summit

Providing effective resources to address opioid and other substance misuse among tribal and rural community members. Our theme, ‘Nuh-Nuh-Muh (Together): Reconnecting & Healing,’ reflects our commitment to sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices to address the opioid epidemic. We hope to ignite our sacred duty to lead the way for recovery and to heal our communities together.

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