Region Ambassador

Meeting Dates: September 20th, November 8th, January 10th, February 16th, and Southwest Teen Retreat March 13th and 14th.

This program has under gone a great transformation this year and we are excited for the many changes and new beginnings it has in store. The purpose of the Southwest 4-H Region Ambassador Program is to learn, practice, and demonstrate leadership skills, social skills, volunteerism and to promote 4-H by:
        Attending workshops
      Presenting to others
Meeting and working with youth from the Southwest Region    
Contributing to 4-H programs in individual counties   
Recruiting either a 4-H leader or youth participant   
Serving on one Region Ambassador committee 
Participating in at least one State 4-H event
Participate in County Contests
Completing a Region Ambassador and County service project.
Assisting during County Fair 
Assisting at County Awards Banquets
Completing a 4-H Portfolio
Southwest 4-H Region Ambassador are expected to fulfill the Southwest 4-H Region Ambassador duties and responsibilities. Attendance at the training sessions is extremely important. They will be held in September, November, January, and February. Region Ambassadors are expected to attend at least three out of the four meetings. A 4-H Teen Retreat will be held in March which the Region Ambassadors will plan, prepare for, and present at. It is anticipated that they will be assigned in a leadership role in preparation for the retreat. With the assistance from adult mentors and leaders, they will be required to keep a score sheet record of 4-H participation in state, region, and county events. Third year ambassadors will be required to complete a state ambassador 3 month project. The cost of the Region Ambassador Program is $50 per youth. Youth are encouraged to do fundraising projects to cover their cost of the program.

Region Ambassador Application  are Due August 11, 2014.

Being a Garfield County 4-H Region Ambassador is a privilege and honor. To become an Ambassador one must be in 9th-12th grade, be an active 4-H member, be willing to make 4-H a priority, be willing to participate in an interview as part of the selection process, and turn in a completed application by the application deadline.

For more question about the Garfield County Region Ambassador program contact Becky Dalton for additional information 435-690-9460 by August 11.