A Portfolio is just a record book! So why keep 4-H records? Because a major goal of 4-H is to help youth develop skills for successful living, the keeping of accurate, organized records is important. 4-H records are designed to help a member:

*Recognize what the 4-H experience has contributed to his or her personal growth, *Evaluate progress toward personal growth, *Learn skills in record keeping, *Learn to effectively communicate in writing, *Learn to appreciate the use of records in making decisions, *Determine areas of self development needing more emphasis.

Secondary objectives of record keeping include helping leaders evaluate each member's progress toward goals, and evaluating their teaching effectiveness.

The best way to have great Record Book/ Porfolio is to remember to write events and activities down as they happen and keep your record up to date. Don't wait until the night before a Portfolio is due to compile your information.

There are a number of awards that can be applied for at the county, state, and national level using the 4-H Portfolio. At the County level Portfolios can be submitted at the: *County Fair in August, *Annual County Portfolio Competition in September, *Used for County 4-H Scholarship application in February, and * Special Savings bond Awards.

 For more information on completing a portfolio visit the following links:

Portfolio Guidelines

 Video Instruction on how to Complete the Utah 4-H Portfolio available at http://4hsanpete9.blogspot.com/

Portfolio  Downloads

Portfolio Changes effective 2009

Or contact Cassie Lyman or Garfield County Extension 435-676-1113.