The horse project allows youth the opportunity to learn about responsibility, animal care, team work, training and teaching skills, nutrition, communication and so much more! 4-H is all bout raising kids, not horses.

In our 4-H Horse Program we encourage participation in a wide range of activities.  Along with our shows(which are covered below) we suggest participation in Public Speaking Demonstrations, Portfolios (record books), service projects, and fun.  

Horse Shows

At each show, participants will take a written test and participate in all western events.

Pleasure Events
     (Halter, Western Horsemanship, Bareback Equitation)
Each rider is given one of the following ribbons under the discretion of the judge:

- Blue, Red, White, Orange (DQ)
Note: The judge is not required to give a % of any of one or another ribbon type.
Speed Events
    (Barrels, Poles, Scurry)

Riders are ranked by time. They are then broken up into three main groups following the natural break (loosely 25%, 50%, 25%).

Individuals are ranked by score. All ties are broken by first to get a incorrect answer, placing lowest in tie. They are then broken into three main groups following the natural breaks.