Enroll or re-enroll in 4-h

4-H Enrollment "Online"
The new online 4-H member and leader enrollment is here! Register for 4-H once, then re-enroll or update registration yearly. The 4-H year is Oct 1 to Sept 31. Each family creates a family profile (no matter if the participant is a 4-H Leader or 4-H Youth). Families will use this same profile to enroll or re-enroll in 4-H each year.

It takes three easy steps:
Step 1) visit
Step 2) Create a profile and password
(or log into existing profile if you have created one)
Step 3) Complete forms note: if your "Club" is not available to select from on the online system list contact the Extension Office 435-676-1113 or email 
natalie.marshall@usu.edu to add your "Club Name"

It's that easy! Information will be saved in the system making the next year's enrollment process a snap.
If you have already turned in your paper forms, we would like you to go in and enter your information into the online system.

Instructions for online re-enrollment: pdf

If you have question about online enrollment contact the Extension Office.