Advanced Sanitation

Who should take this course? QA/QC personnel, sanitation managers and supervisors, plant managers and supervisors and any staff who want to upgrade their knowledge of the science and technology of cleaning and sanitizing.

Workshop Objectives

Part: Foundations in Sanitation 1

  1. The microbial ecology of a food plant; What is dirt? What is a biofilm? (includes hands-on exercises)
  2. Chemistry and use of cleaners and sanitizers
  3. Understanding and monitoring allergens (includes hands-on exercises)

Part 2: Sanitation Programs

  1. Sanitation in the various food safety programs: GMPs, British Retail Consortium and SQF (Global Food Safety Initiatives)
  2. Sanitary design and planning sanitation programs
  3. Monitoring sanitation (ATP methods) (includes hands-on exercises)
  4. Understanding and monitoring Listeria (includes hands-on exercises)
  5. Understanding and monitoring Salmonella (includes hands-on exercises)
  6. Discussion- Participant experience in sanitation programs

Part 3: Applied Sanitation (more hands-on activities)

  1. The group will visit a local food plant that employs an extensive sanitation program

Course Instructors:

For registration or questions please call the Western Dairy Center at 435-797-2106 or email them at