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Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor | Health and Wellness | HEART Initiative | Salt Lake & Tooele Counties

Maren Voss

Contact Information

Office Location: Salt Lake and Tooele Counties
Phone: 385-468-4841
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Educational Background

ScD, Occupational Science, Towson University, 2017
MA, Journalism, University of Maryland, 2009
MS, Clinical Psychology, University of Texas Southwestern, 1997
BS, Psychology, (English), Brigham Young University, 1991

Licensures & Certifications

Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, MHFA, 2019
Buprenorphine Waiver Training, University of Utah's Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Epidemiology's Program for Addiction Research, 2019
Universal Prevention Coordinator Certification, Applied Prevention Science International, 2019
Question, Persuade, Refer Instructor Certification, QPR Institute, 2019
WorkingMinds Certified Trainer, Colorado State University, 2019
Certified Undergraduate Research Mentor, University of Utah , 2018
CITI- Human Subjects Research Certification, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, 2015
CITI- Responsible Conduct of Research, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, 2015
Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 2012


My career has focused on methods of maximizing public health in a variety of domains including education, clinical arenas, public communications, and research. I have completed master’s degrees in clinical psychology and communications and a doctoral degree in the health sciences. I have scholarly publication and professional presentation experience and have taught and collaborated at academic and community level institutions.

Research Interests

My most recent career focus has been in research on pain management and occupational engagement as health variables. I conduct public health programming and utilize secondary analysis of large public datasets for broad epidemiological analysis in addition to qualitative interviewing with small samples for individual-level insights. I am particularly adept at analysis and literature reviews to draw out relevant variables and contexts that influence outcomes.


NIH Research-Industry Collaborative Fellow, 2019

National Institutes of Health

Extension DC Research Fellow, 2019

Utah State University Extension

Member of the Month, 2018

Utah Valley Drug Prevention Coalition

Psi Chi Diversity Award, 2017

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association

Young Scholar Award, 2016

American Psychosomatic Association

Science Journalism Award, 2009


Addiction Studies Journalism Award, 2009

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Publications | Fact Sheets

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Publications | Curriculum

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Academic Journal

Professional Journal

  • Voss, M., Merryman, M., Crabtree, L., Subasic, K., Birmingham, W., Wadsworth, L., Hung, M., Late-Career Unemployment has Mixed Effects in Retirement. Journal of Occupational Science, doi: 10.1080/14427591.2018.1514645
  • Sulzer, S., MacArthur, S., Garcia, Z., Jensen, C.E, Prevedel, S., Voss, M., (2020). Scaling Community Health Coalitions: The Well Connected Communities Pilot Initiative. Journal of Extension, Volume 58 :Number 2

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Publications | Other



    • Yaugher, A., Arrington, R., Atisme, K., Keady, T., Voss, M., Savoie Roskos, M., (2019). Health Extension: Advocacy, Research, & Teaching (HEART) Monthly eNewsletter. Utah State University Extension HEART Initiative *


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      Certified Peer Support Training, 2019 - Ongoing
      Mental Health Programming, 2019 - Ongoing
      Health and Wellness Programming, 2018 - Ongoing
      Health Extension: Advocacy, Research, & Teaching (HEART) for Utah's Opioid Epidemic, 2018 - Ongoing