Courtney Flint

Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Dept

Community Development Specialist

Courtney Flint

Contact Information

Phone: 435-797-8635

Educational Background

PhD, Rural Sociology, Pennsylvania State University, 2004
Community Response to Forest Disturbance on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
MS, Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1993
BS, Geography, Northern Arizona University, 1990


My educational training is in rural & natural resource sociology and geography. My general interests focus on socio-environmental interactions around risks and well-being at community & landscape scales.

Teaching Interests

My teaching at the undergraduate level focuses on exposing students to the social dynamics of environmental issues and building effective communication skills. At the graduate level, I guide in-depth engagement with interdisciplinary literature and methods about risks, hazards, and local to regional social-environmental interactions.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the socio-environmental interactions in rural to urban landscapes that frame resource and risk related decisions. Combining qualitative and quantitative methods, my students and I explore how perceived values and vulnerabilities influence local actions and decisions in mountain landscapes and watersheds.


CHaSS Faculty Researcher of the Year, 2017

USU College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Natural Resources Research Interest Group William R. Freudenburg Award of Merit, 2016

Rural Sociological Society

NACTA National Teaching Fellow, 2011


    Publications | Book Chapters

  • Flint, C., Krogman, N., (2014). Contemporary water issues in rural North America: Rural America in a Globalizing World: Problems and Prospects for the 2010s. West Virginia University Press
  • Flint, C., (2013). Conservation connecting multiple scales of place: Place Based Conservation: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. Springer Publishing Company
  • Luloff, A.E, Field, D.R, Krannich, R.S, Flint, C., (2007). A matrix approach for understanding people, fire, and forests: People, Fire, and Forests: A Synthesis of Wildfire Social Science . Oregon State University Press

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Publications | Journal Articles

Academic Journal

  • Hale, R., Flint, C., Jackson-Smith, D., Endter-Wada, J.L, (2018). Social Dimensions of Urban Flood Experience, Exposure, and Concern. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 54:5, 1137-1150. doi: 10.1111/1752-1688.12676
  • Flint, C., Spackman Jones, A., Horsburgh, J.S, (2017). Data Management Dimensions of Social Water Science: The iUTAH Experience. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA), doi: 10.1111/1752-1688.12568
  • Yoshida, Y., Flint, C., Dolan, M., (2017). Farming between love and money: US Midwestern farmers’ human-nature relationships and impacts on watershed conservation. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, doi: 10.1080/09640568.2017.1327423
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Professional Journal

  • Gleeson, E., Wymann von Dach, S., Flint, C., Greenwood, G., Price, M.F, Basiger, J., Nolin, A., Vanacher, V., (2016). Mountains of our future Earth: Defining priorities for mountain research . Mountain Research and Development, 36:4, 537-548.
  • Flint, C., Mascher, C., Oldryod, Z., Valle, P.A, Wynn, E., Cannon, Q., Brown, A., Unger, B., (2016). Public intercept interviews and surveys for gathering place-based perceptions: Observations from community water research in Utah. Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 31:3, 104-124.
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  • Braito, M., Bck, K., Flint, C., Muhar, A., Muhar, S., Penker, M., Human-nature relationships and linkages to environmental behaviour. Environmental Values

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    • Bolukbasi, B., Berente, N., Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J., Dechurch, L., Flint, C., Haberman, M., King, J.L, Knight, E., Lawrence, B., Masella, E., McElroy, C., Mittleman, B., Nolan, M., Radik, M., Shin, N., Thompson, C.A, Winter, S., Zaslavsky, I., Allison, M.L, Arctur, D., Arrigo, J., Aufdenkampe, A.K, Bass, J., Crowell, J., Daniels, M., Diggs, S., Duffy, C., Gil, Y., Gomez, B., Graves, S., Hazen, R., Hsu, L., Kinkade, D., Lehnert, K., Marone, C., Middleton, D., Noren, A., Pearthree, G., Ramamurthy, M., Robinson, E., Percivall, G., Richard, S., Suarez, C., Walker, D., (2013). Open data: crediting a culture of cooperation.. Science (New York, N.Y.) *

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    ENVS 4000 - Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, Spring 2022
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment and Natural Resources, Spring 2020
    SOC 7100 - Advanced Survey Techniques, Spring 2019
    CAS 6002 - Climate Adaptation Science Studio I, Fall 2018
    CAS 6002 - Climate Adaptation Science Studio I, Fall 2017
    SOC 6630 - Natural Resources and Social Development, Fall 2017
    SOC 7100 - Advanced Survey Techniques, Spring 2017
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment and Natural Resources, Spring 2016
    SOC 6100 - Advanced Methods of Social Research, Fall 2015
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment and Natural Resources, Spring 2015
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment and Natural Resources, Fall 2014
    SOC 6800 - Seminar in Sociology, Spring 2014
    SOC 6800 - Seminar in Sociology: Interdisciplinary Environmental Vulnerability Assessments, Spring 2014
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment & Natural Resources, Spring 2014
    SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Environment and Natural Resources, Spring 2014


    COVID-19 Impacts in Utah Cities and Counties, 2020 - Ongoing
    Assessing and Facilitating Watershed Organizations, 2020 - Ongoing
    Wellbeing Assessments in Utah Communities, 2020 - Ongoing

    Graduate Students Mentored

    Sarah Wilson, Environment & Society, June 2021
    Leonard Henderson, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, August 2020
    Brett Alan Miller, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, January 2016 - August 2020
    Kent Dean, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, August 2016 - December 2018