4-H Shooting Sports


4-H Shooting Sports in Davis County is a very successful program led by certified National Rifle Association (NRA) and certified 4-H Shooting Sports instructors. In shooting sports youth ages 8 to 18 will participate in .22 rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and archery. Youth must have passed a hunter education course and received their “Blue Card” in order to shoot .22 rifles and shotguns. If youth do not have their blue card they can still participate but will need to shoot pellet air rifles at the shooting range. Throughout the year 4-H hosts hunter education classes where youth can get their blue card. Dates for these hunter education classes will be posted as they come available. To review the 4-H Shooting Sports curriculum,
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Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program's mascot, Eddie Eagle, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules:

If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.

To find out more about the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program please go to the following website: http://eddieeagle.nra.org/

Hunter Education Class Scheduled for August 2015

Those people needing to take Hunter Education to obtain their hunting blue card can take this class through the 4-H program. The instructors are Paul and Jeanne Roubinet. The class requires 4 days of classroom instruction, 3 hours each day and then a final 5th day to take the shooting test. All classroom instruction will take place at the Utah State University Extension office classroom located in the Davis Memorial Courthouse, 28 East State Street, Room 107 in Farmington. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, August 4th 6-9 pm

Wednesday, August 5th  6-9 pm

Tuesday, August 11th  6-9 pm

Wednesday, August 12th 6-9 pm

Saturday, August 15th 3-5 pm (Wahsatch shooting range in East Kaysville)

To register please call Jeanne Roubinet at: 801-298-9380

4-H Shooting Sports Schedule 2015

All rifle and shotgun activities take place at the Wahsatch Shooting Range in East Kaysville (Bay 1A) and archery events at the USU Botanical Center located at 920 South 50 West in Kaysville. For directions to the USU Botanical Center please click here. Archery takes place on the land by the "Fresh Produce" shed just off the frontage road.

Season kickoff meeting     March 9, 2015 Monday 7:00 pm USU Extension classroom in Farmington

Rifle               March 28, 2015  Saturday 4 to 6:30 pm, Bay 1A

Shotgun         April 11, 2015     Saturday 4 to 6:30 pm, Bay 1A  

Archery         April 30, 2015     Thursday 6 to 7 pm, (USU Botanical Center in Kaysville)

Rifle                May 12, 2015     Tuesday 5 to 7:30 pm, Bay 1A

Archery          May 28, 2015     Thursday 6 to 7 pm  (USU Botanical Center in Kaysville)

Shotgun         June 10, 2015     Wednesday 6 to 8:30 pm, Bay 1A

State Competition Match Final sight-in and equipment check (for those teens 14 and older going to State Contests in Logan only)      Friday, June 12th 2015 from 6 to 9 pm, Bay 3

June 19th (Friday) 6:00-8:00 pm, Easton Foundation Archery Range, 575 N. John Glenn Road, approximately 6000 West, Salt Lake City. Archery shooting. Cost is $20 per shooter and each youth can bring a non-shooter/or chaperone. This is a special event where youth will shoot archery at 3-D and regular targets.

Archery          June 25, 2015    Thursday 6 to 7 pm  (USU Botanical Center in Kaysville)

4-H State Contests/Shooting Competition at Utah State University in Logan for teens ages 14 to 18: July 13-15, 2015

WHAT TO BRING FOR EACH ACTIVITY: .22 rifle shooting bring your .22 rifle, ammunition, hearing protection and eye protection.  Shotgun shooting bring your shotgun, ammunition, hearing protection and eye protection.  Archery activities bring your bow and arrows with target broad heads. 4-H provides the targets. *PLEASE NOTE* If you do not have a .22 rifle, shotgun, or bows/arrows the 4-H program has extra of everything that are available to use at each event. We also have extra eye and ear protection available if you forget to bring them. If there is something else you need please contact Justen Smith (contact information below).

4-H in Davis County is very fortunate to have outstanding 4-H Shooting Sports instructors in Davis County (Paul and Jeanne Roubinet). Paul is NRA Certified, 4-H Certified, and also a range officer for the Wahsatch Shooting Range. In 2013, Davis County’s 4-H Shooting Sports team took 1st in State at 4-H State Contests in Logan. To see directions to the Wahsatch Shooting Range in East Kaysville/east of Highway 89, click here

For more information please contact Justen Smith at (801) 451-3413 or justen.smith@usu.edu.