4-H Achievement Program

4-H Achievement Awards Program


4-H Participation Certificate

Youth who have completed their first year in 4-H receive a 4-H Participation Certificate.  Each year following that, 4-Hers receive a sticker that shows their number of years in 4-H.  Click here, to report on all of your 4-Hers who have completed their first 4-H year,  who have earned this certificate, but have not yet received it, and/or have their certificate, but need to update their year stickers.

Senior 4-Hers

If your 4-Her are seniors in high school this year, we would like to recognize them for their 4-H accomplishments. Click here, to let us know if your 4-Her is a senior in high school in the current 4-H year. 

Project Division Awards

The 4-H Project Division Awards recognize the time and effort that youth put into their 4-H projects.  Many important life skills are learned as youth persevere and work on mastering project skills.  4-H projects are divided into eight umbrella divisions.  These include:

Citizenship & Civic Education

Communications & Expressive Arts

Consumer & Family Science

Environmental Education & Earth Science

 Healthy Lifestyle Education

Personal Development & Leadership

Plants & Animals

Science & Technology

To learn which division project area a project falls into, click here. If you do not find a project on the sheet, please contact Zuri at 801-451-3410 to get assistance in placing it into a division.


The Project Division Awards are gold, silver, and bronze medallions.  Youth earn a medallion for the time they have spent on 4-H projects within a division over the past 4-H year.  Youth may earn awards in multiple divisions if they have worked on projects from more than one division.  The bronze medallion is earned when youth have spent 1-14 hours on a division project over the past 4-H year.  The silver medallion is earned when youth have spent 15-30+ hours on a division project over the past 4-H year.  Lastly, the gold medallion is earned when youth have spent 30+ hours on a division project and have completed and submitted a 4-H portfolio for the same 4-H year for project(s) within a division.  Again, multiple projects fall under a division.  The hours worked on the different projects may be added together, however, the projects that county are those for which a 4-H portfolio Section 1 has been completed.  For example: Citizenship & Civic Education - Genealogy (15), Volunteerism (20), Total: 35.  The youth will have needed to complete a portfolio and have a Genealogy and a Volunteerism subsection in Section 1 of the 4-H Portfolio to earn gold.  Another example: Communications and Expressive Arts - Writing (6), Photography (13), Sketching (20) Total: 39.  The youth would either have all three project subsections in Section 1 of the 4-H Portfolio to earn gold or they could just have Photography and Sketching, because they add up to be to at least 30 hours or more within the Communications and Expressive Arts 4-H division.


The medallions will have the 4-H year and the youth's name engraved.  For this reason, award reporting by 4-H leaders will need to be completed by the deadline provided each year.  To report youth who have earned this award, please click here.  

4-H Service Certificate and Pin

Service learning is another area that is recognized and awarded.  The time that youth put toward serving their community through 4-H is considered service.  Many times 4-H service includes a 4-H project that was created with the intention of serving others (helping them, brighten their day, etc.).  Another type of service that is recognized is the time youth spend volunteering during 4-H events.  This may be at the club level (helping other 4-Hers during a club meeting or service performed as a club), the county level (helping with an event or activity), or the state level (being a leader at a state camp, etc.).  Youth earn this award each year that they spent 30 or more hours on 4-H service The 4-H Service Award is earned by having 30 or more 4-H service ours in the past 4-H year.  This equals 2.5 or more 4-H service hours/week in a 12 month period.   To report youth who have earned this award, click here.


The 4-H Portfolio

Record keeping is important for 4-Hers.  A 4-H portfolio is a good place to record the activities and time that youth put toward 4-H projects, 4-H service, and 4-H leadership.  Portfolios are judged yearly by the county beginning in the 3rd grade through the 12 grade and are due in October.  For 9th through 12th graders, portfolios can be judged at the state level and are due with county level revision to the state 4-H office in February.  Portfolio judging provides youth with positive and constructive feedback on their 4-H experience as well as on their record keeping skills.  Teens with outstanding portfolios are chosen to be interviewed for a possibility to attend the 4-H National Congress which takes place in November.  The 4-H portfolio is required for youth to apply to be a 4-H State Ambassador (December) and for 4-H Scholarships (February).


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