Volunteer with Davis County 4-H


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    Volunteer with Davis County 4-H

    The greatness of 4-H is found within the power that volunteers and parents have to change the lives of youth. 4-H volunteer leaders and parents work with and support youth in their development of various skills, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.


    • 4-H VolunteerGeneral/Organizational Leaders - Organize, enroll and lead 4-H youth in a variety of projects.
    • Project Leaders - Provide leadership in a specific project area in clubs, schools, after-school clubs, camps, etc.
    • Activity Leaders - Organize or assist with a 4-H activity or event.
    • Resource Volunteers - Resource leaders (event judges or chaperones/drivers), business owners, council members and board members.


    Young AdultsYoung Adult 4-H Volunteer

    • Collegiate 4-H Leaders - USU Students who join the Collegiate 4-H Club serve in a variety of leadership roles.



    • Junior Leaders - 4-H Youth in 7th & 8th grade assist adult leaders in clubs and activities.Teen 4-H Volunteer
    • Teen Leaders - 4-H youth in grades 9th-12th serve as club leaders of their own clubs with an adult assistant.
    • Teen Council Members - 4-H Youth in grades 9th-12th help to plan and direct the 4-H program in their county.



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